Issue #1 - Welcome!
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Issue #1 - Welcome!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Unknown Unknowns!  I'll be experimenting with the format and content as we go along.  Right now, I see it as a mixture of experiments that I'm trying on myself, ideas that I have that you can play with, and interesting things I've come across.

This Week:

Experiment: #writual

In March, I took a writing class called Write of Passage.  To continue writing, I've experimented with writing short notes of around 250 words for the past two weeks.  I'm doing this experiment with other members of my writing group from Write of Passage.  The rules are simple.  Write a short essay of around 250 words, any topic, any style, for every weekday in April.  You can follow along at or #writual on twitter.

What I want to get from this experiment?

  1. A daily habit of writing.
  2. Learn more about the art of writing.
  3. Practice finding new ideas to write about each day.
  4. Try different styles of writing.
  5. Get used to shipping things that I'm not 100% happy with.
  6. Get used to time pressure when writing.

Something interesting:

An interesting twitter thread on learning how to draw.
Drawing is considered to be a skill that you either have or you don't.  Neil argues that this is incorrect and that the standard method of discouraging beginners from copying is counterproductive.

What does this mean for other areas of learning?  Are there teaching methods in other areas which should be reviewed?

Idea of the Week:  Band Karaoke

Steps/Things to build:

  1. Recordings for each instrument and voice on different channels.
  2. Build an interface to choose a song and which channels you want.
  3. Play along with the music, either by your self or with others.
  4. Save the recording.
  5. Share it on Youtube or tiktok.
  6. Figure out revenue sharing. Do you license songs from each band?

Questions, suggestions, complaints?  DM me at @chr_iswong.  Feedback welcome.

If you enjoyed this newsletter, please share it with a friend or two.  And feel free to send anything you find interesting to me!

Have a great week,


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