Unknown Unknowns #12 - Potpourri
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Unknown Unknowns #12 - Potpourri

This Week:

I learned the definition of the word "potpourri" from Jeopardy!  Just like Potent Potables.  Amazing what sticks with you over the years.

Something Interesting: Polygamy, Human Sacrifices, and Steel – Why the Aztecs Were Awesome

This reminds me of Hardcore History in its length, attention to detail, and earnestness.  It's a summary of Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs with far more detail than any history class in high school.  It goes deep into Aztec society, deep into the conquistadors, and deep into the actual invasion.

Idea of the Week: Transformational Entertainment

Today's entertainment highlights comic incompetence and serious competence.  People alternate between laughing at incompetent people in reality shows and being amazed by various talent shows.  Why not have a reality show that highlights improvements in competence?  Have the first half of the show cover someone receiving personal training at a skill, and in the second half putting the training into practice.

I originally got this idea when I took a Dale Carnegie class over ten years ago.  I forgot exactly what the course was on (it wasn't the main course), but it had to do with public speaking or presentation skills.  I just remember being so impressed and motivated watching the transformations that occurred.  I wanted to see these people use these new found skills in real life!

There's nothing more motivating than seeing someone improve drastically right in front of your eyes.  You can see yourself making the same transformation.

Experiment of the Week: Interstitial journaling

Last week, I said that I was going to try interstitial journaling.  Well, this past week was a failure.  I only logged a few entries.  

I think my mindset is on just crossing things off the list and moving onto the next item.  I will try again with more mindfulness this week.

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