Unknown Unknowns #13 - Improvement
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Unknown Unknowns #13 - Improvement

This Week:

This week's theme is improvement.  A new tool by Google that might revolutionize how we learn physical skills.  And how to improve a concept that's gotten pretty boring over twenty years - cooking shows.

Something Interesting: Google AI - Footy Skills Lab

Google has developed an AI to "recognise and track Aussie Rules footballs within the phone’s camera frame."

I haven't had the chance to try this out yet (and I'm not sure I will be able to since I don't have an Aussie Rules football) but I think it's saying that it can recognize an Aussie Rules football and calculate how it's traveling and grade your skills based on that movement.  

This is revolutionary!  Imagine having a personal coach anytime you want, for free!  I hope they'll be able to analyze the actual physical movement of a person next.  I played around with a tool called Kinovea that allowed you to analyze video, but it was pretty clunky.  Analyzing video took a lot of time and effort and you had to know what the correct movement looks like.  Imagine being told if you were doing any sporting movement correctly or not, what fixes to make, and all with immediate feedback?

Idea of the Week: Improving Cooking Shows

I've been living at my parents during Covid and cooking shows are the default TV programs.  I can't stand the "news" or the usual reality TV drivel so cooking shows are the compromise.  

Cooking shows are usually either an expert showing you how to make a dish or a competition with absurd rules and ingredients.  

What about giving a chef a theme and a budget and watching them develop a menu?  You can see them experiment with different dishes, learn how they develop individual dishes as well as how they figure out what dishes go together.

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