Unknown Unknowns #15 - Taking out the Trash
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Unknown Unknowns #15 - Taking out the Trash

Apologies for missing the newsletter last week.  I moved back to Manhattan and spent the last week cleaning out my apartment.  My wife moved into the apartment as well, so there was a lot of stuff to go through, organize, and find places for.

I knew we would have to throw out a lot of stuff but it was still hard to do so.  I always think I can find a use for something.  I love the feeling of taking something worthless and repurposing it.  It's like I created something out of nothing.

I have the same feeling with food.  I like taking ingredients that are going to go bad soon and figuring out how to fit it in with a dish.  It's interesting that some dishes originated in this way.  My grandfather owned a restaurant and Egg Foo Yung was how you got rid of ingredients without wasting them.  Sausages were invented to use up all the scraps of meat that were leftover from butchering, and spicy tuna rolls are made out of scraps of tuna.  

Even this newsletter, what I really like is finding random ideas/articles that people might find useful.  I like matching things that I find with people that need them.

Marie Kondo says to get rid of things that don't bring you joy.  For me, that's easier said than done.  I can see myself using everything eventually, and that would bring me joy.  But there is a freedom in getting rid of things.  So I've tried to give away as much as possible to people who could use it.

Now that I'm back in Manhattan, I've been able to go paddling regularly.  It's my favorite thing to do in the summer.  It's peaceful, you're challenged and surrounded by nature.  There's nothing quite like it.

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