Unknown Unknowns #24 - Discovery
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Unknown Unknowns #24 - Discovery

There's so many things that go in the world.  Some are useful, some are not.  How do we sift through the mass of information that comes at us?  On the other hand, how can we find information that would be useful to us but we're ignorant of?

This Week:

Why is empathy important?  It's not an abstract idea, it's how you build connection.  Here's a piece on how my journey into finding empathy is going.


Kevin Kelly is known for curation.  He’s made a life out of pulling the best out and showing people, from his work at the Whole Earth Project, to Wired, to his projects today.

Why does he do it?  What does he get out of it?

Fei-Ling explores how curation lets Kelly make sense of the world and see patterns that he can then extend.  By doing this in public, he creates weak ties and karma.

I highly recommend Khe Hy's newsletter.  He recently wrote about what the unnecessary struggles we go through in life.  His first example is the Cork Effect in surfing.  I've taken a number of surfing lessons, and I've never hear of this corking technique.  I've also never been taught the technique of rotating your feet like egg beaters to turn the board when sitting up.  So many things that make tasks easy are taken for granted by the masters.  How can we draw this knowledge out?

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