Unknown Unknowns #25 - Hanging On
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Unknown Unknowns #25 - Hanging On

We're deep into fall.  It's getting cooler and the water temperature is dropping.  Soon it will be too cold to paddle.  But you don't know when that moment will be, so each paddle could be the last one of the season.

Last Paddle?

This Week:


Why is it important for groups to be a diverse?  Mark Manson relates diversity of internal thought to the diversity of a group of people.

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Here's a couple of amazing tricks by magician Asi Wind.  It's interesting that magic is fascinating when you're young, lame when you're older and then fascinating again.  There's a time period where it's not cool to be curious.

Asi plays with your desire to want to know how a trick is done.

Matt Stoller, who writes a substack on monopolies, write about the problems with the medical supply chain.  The medical industry is portrayed as a place where economics don't work and you need special rules and regulations.  But if you dig into it, you see that the problems are caused by the special rules and regulations.

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