Unknown Unknowns #26 - Letting Go
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Unknown Unknowns #26 - Letting Go

The temperature is dropping and it's raining all next week.  Yesterday was a beautiful day - probably the last nice day of the season - 75° with barely any clouds.  I decided to go out one last time.

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This season was different.  I missed all of last season, and I spent most of this season with my wife as she was learning how to paddle.  The experience was different.  I rarely went out on long, challenging paddles.  I didn't see as much of the city from the water, and I didn't get to eat at the usual stomping grounds.  But it was satisfying in a different way.  I saw my wife not only develop her paddling skills, but start loving being on the water as much as I did.

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This Week:


I wrote an essay on What Peter Attia Taught Me about Anger Management.  I don't think I have classic anger management problems - I have firm control of my temper.  But having your anger on a leash all the time isn't ideal either.


An interesting idea from Seth Godin.  How can you get everyone waiting in line to be happy?  It's possible to both reward first-movers and those who most value what they're waiting for.  A Coasian solution.

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I heard of Theodore Roosevelt's Man in the Arena speech a few years ago.  @ShaanVP extends it to learning crypto (h/t @george__mack).  The only way to truly learn is by actually trying (and the most fun!).

One last picture:

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