ūü§ĮUnknown Unknowns #37 - The Best Way
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ūü§ĮUnknown Unknowns #37 - The Best Way

My wife and I made pineapple cakes two days ago.  It turned out to be even harder than we thought it would be.  The thing with baking is that there's an exact recipe, but the recipe is never 100% correct.  Sometimes it's too wet or too dry - there's an infinite number of variables that you have to adjust for.  The best way is an unknown unknown - it's something you have to search out every time.

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These two shares continue to show that there's no "best way".  The best way is an unknown unknown.  You can always improve on something, but you can never reach the ideal, because circumstances are always changing.  Another way to think about this in the Map and Territory framework.  The Map can never exactly be the territory, only closer representations.  And improvements for a specific use might make it worse for another use.


Experience leads to a more refined decision making process: answers generally begin with a "that depends" and then a mulled solution that will "probably work best." It doesn't produce "The Best Way." That doesn't exist, and I don't have it, no matter what I claim, as there is always tomorrow to prove the sum of history wrong.

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And even though general relativity is our best guess right now, it can’t ultimately be the final theory of gravity. There can be no final theory of gravity. All we have is better and better approximations to reality.

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No English Equivalent

Trying out a new section.  These are foreign words with no english equivalent.  Concepts that you can't name and may not recognize until you see it.  I'll share one a week, sourced from https://doesnottranslate.com/

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