🤯Unknown Unknowns #52 - Your Future
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🤯Unknown Unknowns #52 - Your Future

Apologies if you signed up recently for this newsletter through the Twitter link, I recently discovered the automation was not working.  You can find the issues you missed here.  Issues #48 and #51 were popular with readers.

I thought about the future this past week.  What do I want to do?  I've always been a "Glue Guy", figuring out what needed to be done to finish a project.  In the Creator Economy, this has translated into helping other people with their projects.  Giving feedback, helping people develop their ideas.  Even the course I'm leading with Louie is on helping people start a newsletter.

It seems most of the Creator Economy is helping people build things.  It's selling picks and shovels, using the gold rush metaphor.  While I like the spirit, I do wonder if it's sustainable?  Can everyone just help everyone else build things to help other people build things?  Where is the actual creation?

I spoke to my friend Michael about this and we're not sure about the answer.  I pointed out that in the "traditional economy" most people aren't actually creating anything either.

What I do know is the importance of pursuing all of your interests.



Emilie Wapnick defines a multipotentialite as "someone with many interests and creative pursuits."  But this is everyone!  Very few people are interested in only one thing.  Society and culture limits people into believing in "callings".


Adam Savage from Mythbusters answers the question:

Do you ever lament that you're a generalist when it comes to maker skills instead of devoting all your mind and resources  to becoming a master at one particular thing?

The whole answer is great, but this part really struck me:

The biggest thing you're gonna be facing off against is yourself it's your own bias, your own proclivities, your own laziness and finality and jealousy and all those things that keep you from fully realizing yourself as a person.


Continuing this line of thought from Adam Savage, Tom Morgan talks about how Ratatouille is actually a metaphor for the battle between creativity and self-determination and the ego.  How many of the obstacles you see are self-generated?

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