Unknown Unknowns #6
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Unknown Unknowns #6

Hello everyone!  Hope you find this issue interesting!  This week has been a little hectic, had a couple bad allergy days but managed to go on the first hike of the year.

Popolopen Torne

This Week:

Something Interesting: Jake Orthwein

Kayfabe is the term describe the convoluted layering of entertainment, lies, and persuasion that underlies professional wrestling.  Jake Orthwein created this incredible video showing how politics can be seen through this lens.  It's part one in a three-part series, I can't wait until the rest are released.  Probably one of the best YouTube videos that I've seen.

Experiment - ODie

I've been having trouble with talking about experiments.  Thinking and reflecting about them afterwards feels like work.  It's also hard to describe them without sounding boring.  It feels like I'm reciting a narration.  

I spoke with Reddy, who lives his life in a state of play.  He suggested that I try his Odie technique.  The concept is you constantly observe and document what you do.  Document meaning narrate what you're doing, take a picture, write a quick note.

The point is to create something that will put yourself in the context of the observation.  What were you feeling at that time?  What sensations did you have?  Any observations except for judgmental ones.  This creates a loop.  By knowing that you will document, you start observing more closely.  By observing more closely, it's easier to document.  To me, it sounds like a way to practice mindfulness.

I'm going to start by noting my mental state five times a day, using emojis.  Hopefully, I can build this practice to go in the background at all times.

Idea of the week: Productivity Tools

This week, we have a special: Two Ideas!

The first idea is to create a better weekly review process.  

What are the frictions to doing a review every week?  What is the purpose and what should the outcomes be?  What is a design that gets you to that outcome as easily as possible?  I feel each person has a different objective for a weekly review and the process needs to be customized.  

The second idea is a better ToDo app.

The ToDo app would have three inputs for each task.  What is the task, what priority type, and how long will the task take.  The priority type could be the Eisenhower matrix or Khe Hy's 10k work framework.

You would then block time off in your calendar and the ToDo app would fill in those blocks with the appropriate tasks.  No more having to figure when to do a particular task.  No more procrastinating.  Just follow your schedule.

Questions, suggestions, complaints?  Email me me at [email protected].  Feedback welcome.

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Have a great week,


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