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A Week of Writing

This is my seventh note for #writual, a challenge to write a 250-word note each weekday in April.  What usually happens is I write stream-of-consciousness for a while and a theme or moral emerges.  For some reason, a personal story comes out.  I’ve noticed that these personal stories make good openers.  They attract attention, introduce a topic, and provide an opportunity for dramatic tension.

It’s been easier than I thought it would be.  Today was the first day I actually had trouble coming up with a topic.  I have a short running list of topics, and I started to write about one and it felt like every line was a cliche.  I switched to another topic, but it felt insipid.  I spent some time thinking of a third topic, but everything felt meh.  So I decided to write about my experiences so far with #writual rather than try to force something.  

What have I gotten out of #writual?  It’s easier than I expected.  The weekend felt weird without it.  I can get a point across in not that many words.  I like the editing process, it’s interesting to move things around like legos.  Writing actually makes my thoughts about the subject evolve.  Things become clearer.  Stream of consciousness works! I have a lot of random thoughts, it’s easier to get everything down and then edit stuff out.  I’m going to cut down anyway so I might as well get as many ideas as possible out.