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Abstract Terms

Tom Morgan wants to have better language.

He thinks that abstract concepts don't have good definitions.  Love, creativity, success, what do they mean?

But what if defining these terms ruins the term?  Defining the term shifts it from thinking with the right brain to thinking with the left brain.  Defining turns it into a Moloch idea.  Should these ideas instead be defined through Via Negativa?  Because you need to explore these ideas to learn them.

Oppositional idea.  There's a cycle of convergence and divergence.  Legibility is part of the convergence phase.  Defining a concept lets you think about examples of that concept.  Then you can think about edge cases and applications and connecting/supporting ideas and abstracting the concept.  At which point, you go back into convergence.

Actually, are these opposite ideas?  In both, you are doing the process of discovery.  

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