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Agency isn't just doing what you want, it's knowing what you want and also giving permission and satisfaction to yourself.

It's hard enough to know what we truly want, uninfluenced by others.  We often don't allow ourselves to do it, even when we realize.

A better way is to not judge or look for permission.  Simply do.

Who are you asking permission or approval from?

Frame control is using the context to set the possible choices.  It's the fallacy of a false dichotomy.  You're controlled because you only see the options that are presented to you.  "Thinking outside the box" solves this problem.

Mimetic desire is an example of an insidious form of frame control.  You're not even aware of the fact that your desiring something simply because someone else has it.

But recognizing your frame allows you to see that there is no frame.  Investigating Samskaras are a way to see this.