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Audience Building

Audience building is both boring and daunting to me. It's formulaic and feels like work. Write a thread every week. Write two tweets a day. Spend thirty minutes a day responding to tweets. This is the Audience Building Algorithm (ABA). Translatable to any social media platform.

I've been thinking why the ABA feels uncomfortable to me. First, it feels like chasing numbers. Second, I have a naive desire for people to buy solely on the quality of my product.

But no one will buy my products if they don't know about them.

As I wrote this essay, I thought about why I don't like to audience build.

I don't enjoy it because it feels like a slog. I'm unsure of the upside. I'm unsure how tangible the results are. I'm afraid of not seeing results and doing something that is tedious.

However, if I build a product, I don't mind not seeing results.

I don't mind doing something for the sake of doing it. I can do something I don't like to do if I get tangible results.

Can I make audience building something I like to do for the sake of doing it? I don't like doing it now because it feels formulaic.

What does getting an audience do for you? You get credibility among an increasing number of people.

Build projects to build an audience or build an audience to sell projects?

How do I do that while enjoying doing it?

I've tried the Building in Public strategy, and I think the solution is along these lines, I just need to adapt it so that I enjoy doing it more and it feels more natural.

Keep building.  The best marketing for a book is a second book.