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Complexity as a Service

A scarcity mindset is believing that life is a finite pie.  Another way to look at it is a zero-sum game.

Scarcity mindsets are common and people often try to take advantage, as Louie points out above.  People try to make ideas more complex in order to gate the knowledge.

Often, the details of knowledge won't even help you.  Knowledge isn't useful until it's applied, and you won't find out how you can apply the knowledge until you try.  Increasing levels of complexity just act as a barrier to you trying.  It's better to try out an idea you don't fully understand than to try to figure out all of the intricacies.

Why allow gatekeepers to limit you?  As Derek Sivers says, there is no speed limit.

As a sidenote, the printing press allowed bibles to become commonplace.  Before, priests interpreted the bible for the masses.  As a result of the people being able to access the bible directly, the Reformation occurred.