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Doctors Should Write

David Perell says that writing is your resume, it's your literal body of work.

I trust Peter Attia because of his writing and podcast.

It's hard to both meet and develop trust with a doctor.  It's impossible to screen doctors before you make an appointment.  You either find a doctor through a reference or an online search - both crap shoots.  You're limited to a fifteen-minute meeting once a year.

The solution, to me, is simple.  Doctors should write about their medical philosophy.  How do they think patients should take care of themselves?  What is their goal for their patients?  

I haven't met many practicing doctors in the Creator Economy and the ones that  I have don't talk about medicine. Maybe about their past experiences but not their philosophy of practicing medicine.

Doctors don't have time to write because due to the healthcare system they need to maximize the number of patients they see.  But what if by writing, they can see quality patients?

I would love to hear feedback from those who know the system - insurance, doctors, affiliations of PA/NPs, people familiar with telemedicine.  I'm sure there are tons of logistical problems.

But let's put those aside for now and see what an annual physical could look like.

  1. A 15 min video call with your doctor. Discuss history and current condition and any current problems.
  2. Have your annual physical with an NP/PA, where tests and the actual physical exam are done.  The NP/PA is guided by your doctor's written guidelines/instructions.
  3. A 15 min video call with your doctor on what the results mean and what to do going forward.
  4. 15 minutes for the doctor to do a writeup.
  5. The exam done by the NP/PA is covered by insurance and you pay $150 cash for 45 minutes of your doctor's time.

I would be happy with this arrangement.