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Dynamic vs Static

"The Dao which can be named is not the Dao."

"No man crosses the same river. It's not the same river and it's not the same man." - Heraclitus

“If you understood him, it would not be God.” ― St. Augustine

Observer effect - the disturbance of an observed system by the act of observation

George Soros' Reflexivity concept states that every action influences future actions.

The world is dynamic, not static. Every action changes the world, every understanding changes what there is to understand. Even labeling a concept changes the way that you think about it.  I think most people have a static understanding of the world. I do, I see things as a puzzle, as a finite game.

The opposite isn't just embracing uncertainty, it's understanding that things actually change. Embracing uncertainty means that you know you don't know everything. Understanding the dynamic nature means you understand things always change.

To have two opposing thoughts simultaneously is a manifestation of this concept.  To understand the present while also understanding that the future will be different.