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Finding Writing through Write of Passage

Write of Passage is ostensibly a writing class, but it's much more than that.  It's a community.  It's empowerment.  It's permission.  It's confidence.  It's style and persuasion.  It's also a way of life.

Write of Passage changes you from a consumer into a creator.

Consuming is low level.  It's passively ingesting ideas and concepts.  You may come across interesting ideas that change your worldview but you're more likely to have confirmation bias relegate anything you disagree with to the "forgotten" pile.  Consuming without thinking further about the concepts is less about learning and more about mentally patting yourself on the head.

Creating is high level.  It's actively digesting ideas and concepts, and reformulating your worldview.  Creating is not just pulling things out of thin air, it's collecting the best ideas, synthesizing them, and putting your fresh new ideas out there.  And it doesn't stop there.  The feedback you get forces you to strengthen and revise your ideas.

Through Write of Passage I found that writing is not a chore.  It's not tedious, it's not boring.  Writing is learning, it's self-discovery.  It's expressing your ideas and getting feedback.  It's letting everyone know your thoughts.  It's letting other people know you.  It's letting you know yourself.