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How to Explore More

Let's assume that life is a cycle between exploring and exploiting. Almost every school (except Montessori and Waldorf?), course, lesson, is centered on exploiting. The only way schools explore is exposure to more things that are chosen by the teacher.

How can we explore more? I don't think it can be systematized. I think this is a gap that needs to be filled.

Some current options are journaling, like the Artist's Way.  Stream-of-consciousness unlocks your subconscious.

Even things that seem like exploring, like 100 Days of No-Code are exploiting. How do you come up with ideas to implement the tools? How do you see or recognize problems? How do you recognize your interest? This is very closely related to the idea from Tom Morgan, Relevance Recognition.

Exploring is the combination of collecting dots and Relevance Recognition. Collecting dots is writing and collecting content that interests you. Relevance Recognition is seeing the threads that tie it all together.