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Karaoke Band

The only time I sang was in the shower.  Or in the car (by myself).  Karaoke was something drunk, socially awkward people do in movies.  When I was in college, a number of my friends loved karaoke and finally dragged me to a karaoke bar.  The first few times I just sat there, humming along.  Maybe I sang along in the background.  When I finally took the mic, I finally realized something.

Karaoke is fun.  

You can be your favorite singer, singing your favorite songs.  You can be Jon Bon Jovi, rocking out to Living on a Prayer.  Or Billy Joel, crooning New York State of Mind.  Or Adele, belting out a power ballad.  You’re the star, you can imagine being on the stage in front of thousands.  But what if you’re awesome at an instrument?

When Covid hit, bands started performing together on Zoom.  They would jam together, each in their own Zoom tile.  That made me think that each performer had their own audio channel on Zoom.  What if bands recorded each part on a different channel and made that available?

Then you could do karaoke for each instrument.  You could mute the channel of the instrument you play, and “play” along with your idols.  Want to shred like Eddie Van Halen with Van Halen?  Step-in for Paul McCartney as he redefines the bass guitar with the Beatles or Wings?  Pound the drums like Dave Grohl with the Foo Fighters?

Does this exist already?  It should!