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PIE Writing

David Perell developed the concept of POP writing - Personal, Observational, Playful.  The framework is a great way to make writing more engaging.

Personal elements guarantee that there are story elements and naturally bring the reader to the point of view of the writer.

Observational brings in details from the world and usually leads to a lesson that can be learned.

Playful makes the writing fun and can increase the engagement of the reader.

In our Editor training for the last Write of Passage, we discussed the idea that there are different levels of each of these writing traits.  An essay can have varying degrees of Personal, Observational, and Playful.  The highest level of Observational has Insights.  The writer not only describes the world, but show why it's important.  There's context, and more importantly, orienting the observation in that context.

We also learned that Playful is broader than having spirited language.  Writers use many tools such as rhythm, word choice, devices like alliteration and onomatopoeia.  These tools can be used seriously as well as for fun.  The purpose of these tools is to evoke emotion.

I'm evolving POP into PIE - Personal, Insightful, Evocative.  By looking at your writing with this filter, you not only engage your audience, you tailor your writing to their experience.