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Reality TV with German-style Boardgame Rules

German-style boardgames de-emphasize luck and don't eliminate players.  There are also usually multiple paths to win and it's hard during the game to tell who is winning.

I'm watching a competition reality show right now called The Climb, about climbing.  Every episode there's a competition and the two lowest faceoff with the loser getting eliminated.

I wonder what would change in reality shows if they had more German-style rules.  What if no player was eliminated?  What if there were different ways to win and everyone has their own strategy?

The Climb is the first reality show I've watched in a long time, but I feel reality shows would be better with rules adapted from German-style games.  You barely get to know some of the players with the current rules.  If no one is eliminated, you get to see them over the whole show.  With everyone having the same strategy, people's personalities are overblown.

In the current situation, I feel producers select players that will get eliminated quickly.  I think this is because the audience wants to see players they can look down on.  If all the players stick around to the end, perhaps the producers would select higher quality players.