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Rules for Life

I've been thinking about morals and what the best rules to live life by are.

  1. Play infinite games
  2. Have an abundance mentality
  3. Ends do not justify means
  4. Play positive sum games
  5. Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

These are rules that work are generally accepted to be conducive to a good life.  It's always better to condense to as few rules as possible, life is easier with simpler frameworks.  The fourth one follows from the first two, so it makes sense to condense and start from the third rule.

What are the implications of these rules? What daily institutions prevent us from following these rules, teach us the opposite, or don't follow these rules themselves?

Schools and politics are structures where these rules aren't incentivized.  They're also the most visible and influential in our lives.  Charlie Munger says, "Show me the incentives and I will show you the outcome."  These rules would be incentivized in a collaborative society.  

Authoritarian structures generalize to not following these rules.