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Selfishly Abundant

I've formulated a new strategy for life: have a selfish but abundant mindset. An abundance mindset is believing the world is a positive sum game.  The opposite is a scarcity mindset, where you believe that you're in open competition with everyone else.  Another way to look at this strategy: do what you want to do but be open and helpful to others.


Newsletter Launchpad. Louie and I wanted to learn more about newsletters and we wanted to get feedback on our own newsletters. So we created a course on starting a newsletter.  We all got better at creating newsletters.

Course Clubs. I wanted to take a course but had trouble motivating myself.  By forming a group to take the course together, I didn't just have an accountability group but we bounced ideas off of each other and I learned more about how people learn.

By being selfish, you focus on what you're actually interested in.  By being abundant you build in that area for everyone.