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Single Point of Failure


Louie makes the point that the Death Star had a single point of failure and was destroyed because of that.  He then uses this analogy for your financial security.  Because your financial security has a single point of failure (your career), your employer has leverage over you.  If losing your job will cause you an inordinate amount of hardship, you're subjecting yourself to the whims of your employer.  There are some ways to mitigate.  You can have enough savings to tide you over until you find another job, you can have high quality skills which create demand over your services, you can have multiple streams of income.

And if you don't mitigate, the employer knows they have this leverage.  Employers are treated like children.  Begging for promotions, told that they need to wait until the next promotion cycle.  Face-time, dress codes, vacation days, what is the point of these?  If you get your work done, if you create more value than what you're paid, why can you not handle yourself in any way that you want?

This makes me think of other services that expose you to a single point of failure and the implications.  There is no alternative to healthcare in the United States.  The process is obfuscated to the nth degree.  You don't know how much you're paying until months after a doctor's visit.  You can't evaluate a doctor without going through the healthcare process.  I don't understand how people don't do everything possible in order to not have to interact with the healthcare system.  And I don't mean not going to see the doctor when you should, I mean treating your body with dignity and care.