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The Creator Ponzi

Sometimes, the creator economy feels like a Ponzi scheme.  Blogs on how to make blogs.  Podcasts on how to make podcasts.  Courses on how to do all this.

I never felt this was completely real, but there are threads of truth.  There are a lot of hustlers and grifters out there who sell you what you want to hear.  But there is also a lot of value out there.  The creator economy is about self-expression and there are a lot of opportunities to help people there.  The question is whether you're helping other people or if you're helping yourself.

Why is this so prevalent?  Sahil Lavignia says to build tools for your communities.  When you encounter the creator economy, you feel like you've been freed.  And now you want to help people realize the same freedom.  This becomes the community that you become most attached to.  So you start building solutions for this community.

I think the creator community does need these tools, but you should also look at other communities you belong to for the solutions that they need.