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Creator vs Traditional Economy

The creator economy is relatively new, only made possible by the internet and the rise of easy communication.  Since there isn't much experience, it's hard to know what to do in particular situations.

There are parallels to the traditional economy that we can use to guide us in the creator economy.  For example, career advice.  There is a ton of advice on how to advance your career in the traditional economy but creators are still feeling their way.

360 feedback is a great way to see blind spots in your skills and approach.  The creator economy equivalent?  Testimonials.  Keep a brag doc of whenever you do something or whenever someone says something good about you.

Know your worth.  In the traditional economy, you should periodically interview just to know your market value.  In the creator economy, see who can use your services.

In the traditional economy, leverage comes from being able to help as many people as you can and becoming indispensable.  In the creator economy, stay on the lookout for where other creators' needs intersect your skills.

Telling your boss your family is getting bigger or you're buying a house might be the tipping point to getting a bigger raise.  Sharing your story in the creator economy creates deeper relationships where people are more likely to support you.

If you don't ask for a promotion or a raise, you're much less likely to get one.  Always Be Selling.

Threatening to quit is a short term move.  You'll quickly gain a mercenary reputation.  Always provide more value than the price you're charging.  Keep customers around for the long haul.