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What is the Kindest Thing Anyone Has Done For You?

What is the Kindest Thing Anyone Has Done For You?

How many times have you had these thoughts when someone offered you a helping hand?

“I don’t want to owe anyone a favor.”

“Why are they helping me?”

“I don’t deserve their help.”

“I can do this on my own.”

“I know better.”

“What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?” is always the concluding question on Patrick O'Shaughness‪y‬’s Invest Like the Best Podcast.  The answers vary, from support from spouses and parents, to advice from mentors.  While there have been a few interesting answers, most of them sound formulaic.

I’ve listened to almost every episode and I’ve always wondered what my response would be.  Support from my parents and family, obviously.  Anything from my wife, of course.  There are many moments of kindness to choose from.

But the most thought-provoking answer that I came up with is this:

The kindest thing anyone can do for anyone has to come from within.  No matter how kind someone is, they can't help you unless you are open to their help.  People can offer help, advice, time, and effort, but if you don’t accept it, their kindness is in vain.  

Pride, fear, and doubt act as barriers to the help other people offer.  You can only experience kindness from others if you first let them in.

Be kind to yourself.  

Let others be kind to you.