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Why Create?

Now that we’ve explored what creation is, let’s explore why we should create.  And I said, “we.”  We are all creators, we all have a fundamental need to create.

Creativity goes hand-in-hand with autonomy, mastery, and purpose.  Where there is autonomy, mastery, and purpose, you’ll find creativity.  Wherever there is creativity, you’ll also find autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Without autonomy, mastery, and purpose our lives become numb and grey.  In my finance career, I was following orders, doing repetitious tasks, and finding out that all of my efforts were pointless.  My life outside of work existed to recuperate from my life at work.  Every life without autonomy, mastery, and purpose will eventually devolve into boredom.

The natural reaction to boredom is consuming.  When you finally have free time, you need to fill that time.  You watch YouTube or listen to a podcast until your next task or engagement.  You have ten minutes, you watch a ten-minute video (or a twenty-minute video at 2x).  You’re killing time.

In contrast, if you’re creating, you can’t wait until you have time.  Creating is the main event that everything else revolves around.

Your relationship with time changes if you’re creating versus consuming.  

Life is inherently creative. But the way life is structured right now it's not easy or natural.  It’s easy to slip into consuming rather than creating.  How can we get into the habit of creation?