Issue #2
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Issue #2

Welcome back!  It's been a busy week for me, I've been working on a new idea that I call Course Clubs!

This Week:

Idea of the Week: Course Clubs

Course Clubs are like book clubs, except for self-paced courses.  If you're like me at all, you have a stack of logins for courses that you've barely started.  Course Clubs provide support and infrastructure to help you finally finish learning what you want to learn.  

Read more here!  And DM me if you're interested in trying one out!

Experiment: Alexander Technique

I joined Michael Ashcroft's course on the Alexander Technique.  What is Alexander Technique?  Honestly, I'm not 100% sure.  The best way I can describe it is a method of getting into a flow state.  But there aren't any steps, and if you actively try you will probably fail.  Needless to say it's quite a challenge.  

I'll be journaling about my experimentation with Alexander Technique here.
I wrote a mini-essay here trying to describe it a little more.

Something Interesting

Eric Jorgenson's thread of threads on leverage:

Eric is the author (collaborator?) of Navalmanack, a collection of Naval Ravikant's content.
Leverage multiplies your effort.  With leverage, you can get 10x the results with the same amount of effort.  It's how people change their lot in life.  It's one of the most important concepts you can understand, this thread is well worth ten minutes of your time.

Questions, suggestions, complaints?  DM me at @chr_iswong.  Feedback welcome.

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Have a great week,


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