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External Individual Systems

Internal Family Systems, as I understand it, is the idea that there’s a component of you for every interaction.  Meaning that you have different personalities, or "family members," that react or control you in different situations.  Kind of like the movie "Inside Out."  These personalities are benign, they're not looking to dominate the other parts of you, but they may be self-centered.  The idea is to understand each part and use the strengths of each to better the whole.

The concept "Meta-rationality" is similar to Internal Family Systems.  Metarationality is asking the right question and then applying rationality to find the right approach to think about an idea.  What if we broaden this idea even more?

What if we developed the skill of seeing everything as a tool?  Habits as a tool. Identities as a tool.  Don’t become attached to anything, just seeing and using the inherent functionality of items and ideas.

We could call this, "External Individual Systems."  I do think there's a danger into abstracting everything into how useful they are to you, however.