YAS! Great perspective! I turned in my resignation a week ago, and it's wild the perspective shift that's happened as well as what's being mirrored on the outside. I keep reminding myself by reading other people's work that it's GOING TO BE OK!

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While I appreciate the sentiment (I have been working for myself for over five years), isn't it possible that you were simply in the wrong career before you quit your job? Perhaps I am taking the term "Paycheck Person" too literally.

I agree that there is a certain kind of mindset that isn't helpful (doing things primarily for status and money, for instance), but an effective person can absolutely be a Courageous Thinker inside of a company or organization that they themselves don't own or run as an executive. Being proactive will always be beneficial (for oneself and for others) whether done as a solo operator, entrepreneur, or employee. And these kinds of employees are the ones that put themselves in position to generate considerable wealth in time.

One can argue that these sorts of folks aren't as free...but the opposite could be argued just as well. That they are in fact more free because they get to be proactive and effective without also having the burden of business ownership on their shoulders.

I deeply value working for myself, but absolutely see how it isn't for everyone and how many, many people will do much better financially and otherwise working inside of a larger organization.

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Glad you were featured on OSV.

"I can’t say my happiness has moved from five to eight." - it is..."unfortunate/sad" that is not the case...but not surprising either. Perhaps the logic that I (and many) would expect happiness moved to eight is https://everythingisbullshit.substack.com/p/happiness-is-bullshit. I found that author pretty convincing.

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Love this contrast:

“Paycheck People are risk-averse people who take no agency in their lives. They have "failures of nerve" - an obsession with rationalization to justify events rather than taking action.

Courageous Thinkers not only have agency, but adapt to uncertainty to push through on their objectives.  They know their interests and shape their identities and narratives to find meaning.”

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