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Great food for thought, Chris!

I found that working in a company can also make time if what you're building is aligned with your views, compensated well, and can grow constantly.

Although I've been self-employed for seven years, sometimes I think about joining a company that is aligned with my views. What I miss about regular employment sometimes is the growth part because I rarely work with more experienced engineers.

Many who now enjoy self-employment as writers, SaaS founders, or solopreneurs once had mentors or jobs that taught them a lot and can write about that today.

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My personal experience was that I couldn't find a company that was remotely close to my views over 18 years and 6 jobs and numerous interactions with other companies.

Could be bad luck, could be the finance industry, could be because I'm low on agreeableness as a personality trait.

That's not to say that I think everyone should quit their jobs or that jobs are evil. But I do think the more you introspect and learn about yourself, the less of a hold a traditional job will have on you.

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