WHOA i am loving this z axis - this is exactly what was missing for me

it's like post-work mindset. I feel like i am Intentional FIRE - I have been thinking of writing something on Pathless FIRE - maybe we can work on that together?

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Good issue Chris.

I believe that if you truly love what you do, you are on the path to where you want to be while being who you want to be (the z-axis in introspection). This leads to forgetting the mimetic desire.

I find the achievement axis related with the ego. You can achieve lots of things or nothing, if you have no ego, you don't care about both states.

The financial axis is what can get you out of where you want to be while being who you want to be.

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I love that you took on Khe's 2x2 matrix. When I read his post I felt like it was really missing something, because it just wasn't speaking to me. Your who-I-want-to-be axis now makes it really relevant to me. It is pretty apparent to me that I am an explorer / sabbaticalist at this time, and I can't really run away from it since I am literally telling people I'm on sabbatical right now. But as I sit with myself, I feel I'm actually very much post-achievement in mindset. So I guess that I, too, am in that blurry zone between the two. Anyway, this is a really good framework to think about. Thanks so much. This was great.

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