> Only by playing the fool, by not fearing being wrong can you have an original thought.

I was just thinking about this today. I see so much fear of being wrong nowadays, which isn't surprising because we live in an age in which people are shamed for being wrong. But the consequence is that people remain in denial and either double down when they're wrong, or worse, hide their wrongdoing, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

Thanks for this reminder!

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I could never understood this stereotype of equating creativity with artistic pursuits only, - visual arts, dance, poetry, etc. Most of my professional career I worked among engineers, software developers, and scientists (being one of them), and it is obvious to me that creativity belongs to science and engineering as much as to fine arts.

Great post, thank you!

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Love this piece! I can imagine your coworker pictured you on a potters wheel after leaving the workforce, ha!

Creativity is a daily to-do for me and it looks different everyday. Thanks for creatively sharing.

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