> I would want everyone in the world to have a bias for action

> I want everyone in the world to ask themselves, “How am I wrong?”

In fact, that's exactly how the best software developers think. When solving a software problem, we have to be:

* pessimistic enough to find all the flaws of software, and

* optimistic enough to fix them all

I still haven't quite wrapped my head around that.

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> I’m fascinated by the idea that tension between opposites is creative.

You just explained the essence of complex system and its trade-off in one sentence. Love this!

Also I would like to submit Charlie Munger's quote "Take Simple Idea Seriously" in this "Think in Twos" folder. I felt Charlie knowingly put "simple" and "serious" in one sentence so it'll create forever tension in reader mind. Like, what if my definition of "simple idea" is actually wrong?

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