Love this Chris. I think that putting ones own happiness above just about everything else is actually the opposite of selfish. It takes a lot of work to find what it is that makes you happy, then a lot more work to maintain that happiness. Striving for happiness makes me better in all areas of life, which is the main reason I think its unselfish. It seems obvious when put that way, but I see many people close to me that don't think about their happiness at all really, only that of others.

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This post really resonates with me. My newsletter's all about finding happiness and meaning in life. I can't prove that I'm (reasonably) content with my life. Of course, my life's not perfect. But it's not dumpy either.

So, how do I show credibility? That's a challenge/question I still don't have an (good) answer for. I mean, sure, I tell personal stories. But, I feel like there must be another way. I haven't found it yet.

On the other hand, I'm like, "so be it." Because I feel like I also shouldn't have to care whether others find me credible or not. If I did, it would just make me miserable because I'd be hanging my happiness on what others think. I don't think that's a good idea, either.

So... I don't know... I do like trying to wrap my head around these paradoxes.

Excuse my rambling train of thought. 😅

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