Re: credo ut intelligam you should check out Michael Polanyi, especially his notion of “indwelling”, you might find it interesting

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> Let's invert each of these.

Autonomy <--> Mimesis

Mastery <--> Rigidity

Purpose <--> Boredom

I’m reminded of the conversation we had in the comments of your last week newsletter

If Herzberg two factor great insight is that unhappiness is not the inverse of happiness but is its own thing, then I also wonder if autonomy is also similarly not the inverse of mimesis.

Neti neti (neither this nor that) is beyond inverse (not this or opposite this) and might be a more helpful device to explain autonomy

Eg using last week conversation, unhappiness is neither happy (obviously true) nor not happy (this is the subtle difference)

I suspect same for autonomy where it’s neither mimesis nor not mimesis.

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> Neti neti by Hindu practitioners to understand Brahman

Im beginning to think anything past a certain level of complexity all cannot be reduced by abstractions

End up the best thing you can say is “not this and not that”

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