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Kings and the Common Knowledge Game

Base Rates and Celebrations

Questions or Problems?

Bragging Rights

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Eminent Domain

Dominion in Life

A Shibboleth for Leaders

New York Times Games

Rock Bottom

Foaming Soap

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Stress as a Challenge

Who is Your Audience?

What is a virtuous life?

­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #131 - Total Eclipse of the Heart

Just Come Clean

To Whom Do Taxes Belong?

Uncertainty and Philosophy


­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #130 - Generalists and Specialists

­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #129 - Thinking About Sports

Customer-Centric Government


What Makes Candy Candy?

Meyers-Brigg and Kaizen

Self-Reflection and Pharmacology

Subjective Experiences

Opportunity Cost

Margin of Error and False Positives

Daylight Saving Time


­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #128 - There's No Need to Explain Your Joy

Aren't You Bored?

Learning Through Experience



College Football Realignment

Complex vs Complicated


MLB Expansion and Realignment

The Goldilocks Zone

What is Good for the Many is Not Necessarily Good for the Few

Experts Don't Exist in a Dynamic World

Moloch and Pyrrhic Victories

The Best Way to Learn is to Teach

­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #127 - Updating the Matrix

Trying New Things

The Two Types of Hobbies

­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #126 - Developing Taste vs Learning

Things You Can't Aim at Directly

2x Speed

The Ticking Bomb

Maniacs Save Money

­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #125 - Taste Setting

­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #124 - Pride

Pattern Matching

Schooling and Variability

Happiness Has No Receipts

­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #123 - Frustration

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Politics and Nigerian Princes


­čĄ»Unknown Unknowns #122 - Happy New Year!